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Kerri Brown, US

"Best thing I ever did for my pool. Since installing in April have cut chlorine to one tablet a week. Went from 2 ppm to .2 ppm chlorine on an 18 x 36 inground pool. Easy to install. Anode is big so it looks like it will last for years. AMERICAN MADE, BEST PART."

Mary Hare, US

"This is the best product I have ever bought have owned 18 x 40 pool for 10 years and fought with algae and keeping chemical levels correct for years spending $100 of dollars sometimes monthly, installed ionizing system with correct chemical levels perfect and still showing algae within 48 hours the pool was clear and beautiful, four weeks later still perfect and hardly added any chemicals, levels are balanced perfectly. I am amazed."

Brenda, US

"This is our second pool ionizer from Sunshine pools. We love not needing to put a lot of chemicals in our pool. We shock it every couple weeks at night and are good to go!"
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