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If you're tired of swimming or relaxing in chemicals and would like to save 90% on the cost of chemicals, then the Sunshine lonizer is for you. Say goodbye to algae problems, excessive chemical expenses, and harsh, unpleasant swimming experiences.

Our ionizers offer unparalleled benefits:

  •   Low initial cost

  •   Rapid payback in just a few months

  •   Superior water quality for a truly rejuvenating experience

  •   Bid farewell to algae problems, red itchy eyes, and dried-out skin

  •   Effortless operation with automatic sanitization, saving you time

  •   Simple installation, available in sizes suitable for any pool or spa

  •   Enjoy extended lifespan for your pool and spa surfaces and equipment

  •   Most models backed by a lifetime warranty

Transform your pool or spa experience today with the Sunshine lonizer - because relaxation should never come at the cost of your health or your wallet.


The SPD Model comes with a Copper Test Kit and a 8oz bottle of our Instant Ions. For more information see specifications.

Deluxe Pool Sunshine Ionizer Model SPD Treats 50,000 Gallons