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Magnawrap Magnetic Water Conditioners

Our patented MagnaWrap magnetic water conditioners provide low cost and permanent scale prevention for home, auto, swimming pools, spas, and industry.

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What is MagnaWrap?
MagnaWrap is a new patented design using a high energy, flexible, and permanent magnetic material with a special magnetic polarity orientation. MagnaWrap is low in cost, needs no power to operate, has no moving parts, lasts virtually forever, has a life-time warranty, and has a 30 day money back guarantee. You can not buy this same magnetic material or anything even close to it at a hardware store. The much thinner material you might be able to find has a much weaker magnetic field and the wrong magnetic polarity orientation, and it will not work.

Does MagnaWrap Work Like More Expensive Magnetic Conditioners?
Yes, MagnaWrap works just as well. It's gauss rating (2,500) is less than the gauss rating (3900) of the magnets used in other systems, but Magna-Wrap is just as effective because it has a more uniform magnetic field that completely surrounds the pipe, and because MagnaWrap's magnetic field covers about 2 to 4 times the surface area of other conditioners.

How is MagnaWrap Installed?
MagnaWrap is simply wrapped several times around your water pipe and is held in place with its adhesive backing.

What Type of Pipe can MagnaWrap be Installed on?
MagnaWrap can be installed on any type of pipe including copper, steel, rubber or plastic.

How Does MagnaWrap Work?
Water naturally has many minerals and these minerals crystallize and form on the surfaces of plumbing, fixtures, heaters, and water vessels. This process is increased with the addition of heat as in a water heater. MagnaWrap's focused magnetic field physically changes the water's molecular structure which reduces the size of the water molecules. This reduced size makes the water feel softer and behave like soft water. As a result scale is removed from your plumbing, appliances and fixtures, saving you time cleaning, and money on fuel to heat your water. Every Home should have a MagnaWrap water conditioner.

Do Magnetic Conditioners Really Work and is it Proven Technology?
Using Magnetic Conditioners to condition water has been used for over 70 years throughout many parts of the world. Sunshine Pool Products is not the only one to prove that magnetic conditioners work. Many agencies have reported about the effective use of Magnetic Conditioners including the Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Dept. of Energy, U.S. Department of Commerce, American Chemistry Society, American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers. Do not believe others who say magnetic conditioners do not work. It is proven technology verified by many organizations and millions of consumers.

MagnaWrap in the Home
After just a few days when bathing your hair and skin will feel softer. Your hair will feel silky and more manageable. After just a few days dishes washed by hand or in a dish washer will clean easier, and without spotting. In just a few months you will begin to save money from energy savings. Over the years you will save money because your plumbing, fixtures and appliances will last longer. The scale in your plumbing will be greatly reduced in just a few months. Your water heater will use less fuel and will last longer as scale is dissolved and removed. MagnaWrap will not make your water feel slimy like salt systems do. You will use less detergent when washing laundry, doing dishes, and bathing. Kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures will clean easier, and last longer. MagnaWrap is environmentally friendly. You will not have any of the disadvantages of a salt softener listed further down on this page.

Does MagnaWrap Work Like Expensive Citric Acid Filter Cartridge Conditioners Costing Hundreds of Dollars?
Yes, MagnaWrap works just as well. Citric acid filters are another way of doing the same thing as magnetic conditioners. They also do not remove any minerals from the water. Magnawrap is permanent, costs much less, costs nothing to install, and there are no expensive filters to buy and change every few months.

Will the Water Test Softer with a Hardness Test Kit?
No, MagnaWrap does not remove any minerals from the water so the water will not test softer. All a hardness test does is test for the presence of minerals, and not the softening or scale removing ability of the water. The salt water softener industry believes they can prove that magnetic conditioners do not work with this test, but it is not a valid test for a magnetic conditioner. Sunshine Pool Products, the manufacturer of MagnaWrap, has proven that magnetic conditioners work through tests performed using magnets on electrolytic cells used for chlorine generators. Without the magnets, the cells build up a calcium bridge between the electrodes within two days and with the magnets installed on the cells there is much less calcium bridging after several weeks. This electrolytic process is a much stronger scale producing process than can ever be present in a home.

What about a Salt Softener?
Salt softeners which are the most common method of conditioning water have many disadvantages. Salt systems are expensive and require allot of work, time and money loading salt every few weeks. If you have ever owned one you know exactly what I am talking about. Maintenance and repair costs can be very expensive. They take up space in an area that is usually already overcrowded. Your water will have a bad taste. Your water feels slimy. The high levels of sodium they leave in the water supply is unhealthy. The body needs the minerals salt systems remove so the water is not as healthy. They are not environmentally friendly. In many areas the use of salt systems has become restricted because of the salt brine solution that is dumped into the sewer system. If you own a salt system then you should install MagnaWrap and put your system into the bypass mode. If you just can't part with your salt system, then install MagnaWrap and decrease the number of regeneration's, saving you work and money.

Here is what just of few of our customers are saying about our MagnaWrap Home Water Conditioning System.
About two months ago, I purchased and installed your MagnaWrap on my home's plumbing, which is copper. At first, I thought it wasn't doing anything, and that I wasted my money. I now have to say that the MagnaWrap is working. I'm impressed! The walls of our showers are no longer coated with calcium. That goes for the shower doors too. Our shower heads, as well as the faucet aerators are no longer coated with calcium. Our dogs stainless steel water bowls are no longer coated with calcium. Our dishes, especially our glasses, come out of the dishwasher looking much nicer, and shinier. The CLR and Lime-A-Way companies must hate you. This was money well spent after all. I'm sure we spent more on cleaners alone, to remove the hard water mess each year, than the MagnaWrap cost to prevent it. James L Connor

I couldn't believe it! The build up on my fixtures is just wiping off. This is the stuff that we used to use harsh chemicals on and then, it might come off. I love your product!  Don Wolfe

I was shocked, THE PRODUCT WORKS!!! No more hard water, thank you soooooo much!!

I could tell a difference in water in just a few days, skin & hair softer.

Seems to work as indicated... AMAZING!

Bought 2 more for gifts. This product performs!

Magnets seem to be working great! Thanks!

Received in good condition. Water does feel softer.


Excellent product!! Works great!! Highly recommended!!!

After installing and you see the amazing difference MagnaWrap makes, you will want to tell your friends so they too can benefit from having MagnaWrap.